NEW YORK PITY: NYC Baristas Forfeit Competition in DC

By Jordan Michelman

NEW YORK CITY, November 23 (Breuters) – East Coast Informant Scott Lucey joins us today to break the following news:

“NYC concedes to DC in this weeks TNT.  Competition comes to a halt only after one round; at this time DC was winning with a score of 169.5.  New York only trailed with a score of 141, not a big margin to come back from.  Based on the pours, it was clear NYC may have been having an off night. . . but it’s still mysterious why these baristas didn’t want to push this up until the neck and next final round.”

These throwdowns function in a 10 barista format. The top three baristas from round one compete head-to-head in round 2. Finalists compete for individual as well as city honors. Rumors and innuendo surround the NYC barista team’s decision to walk-out on the proceedings before second round pours could take place. Breuters seeks comment, photographic reference, or any information at all to help clarify this news event. Send information or special comment to



2 responses to “NEW YORK PITY: NYC Baristas Forfeit Competition in DC

  1. My linguistically rhapsodic, relevantly rhetorical retort:

  2. NYC didn’t “walk out” or “forfeit.” It agreed upon by the representatives from both sides that it would be a one-round competition. NYC didn’t forfeit, they simply lost to DC.

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